Black Apple Community, Bentonville, Ark. featured in Architect Magazine. Photo:

Inspiration for a challenging future

We recently discovered an article in Architect Magazine from 2015, highlighting a small residential development in Bentonville, Ark., that represents a fusion of two design principles we consider essential in a world with rapid population growth, finite resources and corporatized homogenization.

The Black Apple Community blends state-of-the-art building...

A rendering from an article in the New York Times about an artificial floating i

Floating ideas

With scientists warning of a perilous climate shift within decades rather than centuries, mitigation and adaptation design solutions are needed now more than ever. One possible solution for areas where rising oceans are problematic was recently covered by the New York Times. Although it may feel more like it was ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel, the concept of floating cities put forward by the Seasteading Institute, a California nonprofit, has raised $2...

Photo screen grab from Uber's Movement website

Uber swell

Although Uber has its critics, with their new website, Movement, they just might be onto something that will be a boon to all those tasked with urban planning, building communities and making policy. An article in the Architects Newspaper shares Uber's underlying purpose with Movement, a site that eventually will share anonymized and aggregated data collected from their...

Laity House

The Laity House

We're so excited to be able to post an update with snapshots of the Laity House in Oklahoma City's Midtown District. The house is almost done with just a few final finishing touches in the works. Stay...


Designing what's possible

Social equity. It's an increasingly hot topic these days with implications for a range of people, communities, philanthropists, academics, artists, developers, policymakers, historians, and in particular - architects and designers. Social equity and ideas for getting there is the focus of "By the People: Designing a Better America," an exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City that runs through February 26, 2017.  

The exhibit first came to our...


Whimsical fun and somber notes in September

We enjoyed this article from The Architects Newspaper we shared on our Facebook page this month about Fujiko Nakayaam's work at Philip Johnson's Glass House, "Dot's Obsession - Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope," so we decided to post it on our blog as well. It's pure, whimsical fun.

"Although Fujiko Nakayaam covered it in fog, and Julianna Barwick bathed it in...


Cosmopolitan preservation

Enjoyed this article in The Architect's Newspaper on OKC's 21c Museum Hotels and Deborah Berke. If you haven't had a chance to visit 21C yet, it's a cosmopolitan oasis and well worth your time. Hats off to Deborah Berke and team for a job done well.

From the article:

"The building, originally designed by Albert...


Another step up at the Nelson House

Closing in on the finish line at the Nelson House. A quick couple of shots showing the flatbed truck loaded with the spiral staircase designed to access the deck from the pool area. 


Passively cool

Going through our reading list recently and stumbled across this 2015 ARCHITECT article about architecture professor John Quale's EcoMod projects.

"Modular, affordable, and high-performing. This was the criteria that John Quale, Assoc. AIA, then an associate professor of architecture at the University of Virginia (UVa), set out to achieve with his...

Gensler's Baltimore office

Elaine Asal up until now: the greater good

Upon reconnecting with Elaine Asal, one of our former interns, now a Senior Associate and Design Strategist with Gensler's Baltimore office, we were so inspired by Elaine's sense of purpose and her involvement in an array of interesting projects, we embarked on sharing a series of posts about her career journey to date.


What follows is Part 3 of our "Up Until Now"...